Optometry and optics in Europe

      The Latin motto of the European Union (EU) is ‘In Varietate Concordia’ or translated in English ‘United in Diversity’. The motto comes to life when you realise the vast array of cultural differences that exist in the EU. It is estimated that over 200 languages exist and with migrant populations from Africa and Asia pretty much all racial groups are represented. In terms of size the EU is the size of Australia or ten times the size of Japan or a third the size of China. It has a population of around 455 million people (compared to approximately 290 million in the United States of America). Add to this the economic variations of the twenty-seven member states, of which 16 countries have adopted the Euro, and the four time zones. The EU has worked towards developing a single market which applies in all member states, ensuring the freedom of movement of goods, services and people.
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